Footcare for the whole family
Footcare for the
whole family

Universal Intervention

Throughout some difficult periods in my life, I have always maintained my faith that everything eventually works itself out. Call it divine intervention if you will. Late last year as the clinic grew, I found myself at a cross road. Do I continue to increase my hours in the clinic to meet the demand, or do I look for a colleague to join me? If I choose to work more, will my family suffer? If I choose the latter, how on earth do I find the right person? Questions, questions, questions…..

And then the universe intervened.

I happened to be looking on the Podiatry Association Classifieds, not a webpage I frequent regularly. And there she was. A Podiatrist I knew by reputation, who has worked in the Eastern Suburbs for many years. I called, we chatted and I knew instantly that Mary was the person I was looking for. Mary has owned 2 clinics but was keen to step back to what she really loves, being a Podiatrist. Running a business takes time, and that means less time with your clients. It is this client interaction that Mary truly loves.

The best thing about our profession is the relief you see in peoples faces when they are no longer in pain. It is incredibly satisfying to know that your skills and knowledge has led to a positive outcome. Heel pain, plantar fasciitis, corns, callous, ingrown toenails; they all cause pain and discomfort. And we deal with these every single day. Podiatrists are the go-to people for all foot problems, and Mary is one of the best.

On a personal note, I am thrilled to have found a colleague who thinks like a do, who treats their clients like friends, and is dedicated and compassionate. Welcome to Footpath Podiatry Mary.


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