Footcare for the whole family
Footcare for the
whole family

Proud as punch

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I love a quote. “Fortune favours the brave”, “The universe loves a believer”, “Good things come to those who work their butt off”.

Last Monday,  all three sayings melted into one and took on the physical form of the Balwyn Health Hub. For those of you who have visited the new clinic at 241 Whitehorse Road Balwyn, I am sure you can agree that it is beautiful. Elissa and I aimed to create a calm and inviting space. We aimed to fill it with practitioners who, like us strive everyday to be better. Practitioners who are as invested in their clients health as the client is.

And do you know what? I think we have done that. One of the beautiful yogis at LightSpace Yoga reminded me recently that ‘like attracts like’. What you put out, you get right back. I’m sure Elissa would agree that we have attracted the right mix of people at The Hub. Joining us so far are 2 amazing Kinesiologists, 2 Naturopaths, a Hot Stone Masseur, an Intuitive Healer and a Holistic Therapist. If you know of anyone looking for a space to conduct small group sessions, we currently have a gorgeous workshop room available on a sessional basis.

For our lovely podiatry clients from Balwyn, thank you for surviving the upheaval. Mary and I are so excited to show you our wonderful new treatment area

Drop in when you can and say hi




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