Footcare for the whole family
Footcare for the
whole family

Big changes are afoot (no pun intended)


I am beyond excited, can you tell? After 5 1/2 years in Deepdene, we are moving the clinic to a gorgeous old terrace building 6 doors from the Balwyn Palace Cinema at 241 Whitehorse Road Balwyn.

Why? Many reasons. The benefits? Many.

In collaboration with one of the most amazingly talented women I have come across Dr Elissa O’Brien, we are establishing the Balwyn Health Hub. It will be the place where people can come to ensure their health. Their physical, emotional and mental health. We will provide an integrative approach to health care,  one where the practitioners work together.



For our wonderful patients, nothing will change aside from the surrounds. Mary and I will still be seeing you and parking should be better than it currently is. There is 2 hour parking in front of the clinic, and 1 hour parking in Austin Street.

Next time you drive past, look out for us. It’s the white building next to the cafe Norma Loves Joe, or you can check us out by clicking on the link Balwyn Health Hub  .We will be open August 3rd


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  1. Thank you for getting in touch it makes one feel special just being remembered.


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