Footcare for the whole family
Footcare for the
whole family

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Foot care for the whole family

Sore Feet?

Corns or Callous?

Heel pain?

Concerned about your child's feet

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Established in 2009, Footpath Podiatry consistently delivers exceptional and consistent footcare to the wider Balwyn and Glen Iris Communities.

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Highly trained and experienced, podiatrist are the foot care experts, and the go-to people for any type of foot related issue.

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Common conditions

Your foot is much more
than just 26 bones, 19 muscles and 107 ligaments.

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Proud as punch

  I love a quote. “Fortune favours the brave”, “The universe loves a believer”, “Good things come to those who work their butt off”. Last Monday,  all three sayings melted into one and took on the physical form of the Balwyn...

Big changes are afoot (no pun intended)

I am beyond excited, can you tell? After 5 1/2 years in Deepdene, we are moving the clinic to a gorgeous old terrace building 6 doors from the Balwyn Palace Cinema at 241 Whitehorse Road Balwyn. Why? Many reasons. The benefits? Many. In collaboration with one of the...

Universal Intervention

Throughout some difficult periods in my life, I have always maintained my faith that everything eventually works itself out. Call it divine intervention if you will. Late last year as the clinic grew, I found myself at a cross road. Do I continue to increase my hours...